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International Top Five: Avatar Tops the World

January 27th, 2010

As expected, Avatar became the highest grossing film on the international chart over the weekend while it had to wait until Monday to do the same worldwide. Over the weekend, it made $108.27 million on 11,925 screens in 94 markets for a total of $1.29 billion internationally and $1.84 billion worldwide, as of Sunday night. The film had already crossed $100 million France, while it did the same in China with $102.3 million, including $11.7 million on 1,013 screens this past weekend. It is about to hit the century mark in Germany ($93.24 million); Russia ($93.22 million); and the U.K. ($92.80 million). It could have enough left in the tank to do the same in a number of other markets, but it will be more challenging. For instance, in South Korea it added $5.43 million on 526 screens to take its running tally to $79.31 million while it had similar results in Japan ($5.75 million over the weekend and $77.73 million in total), Australia ($5.07 million on 420 screens for $76.76 million) and in Spain ($5.65 million on 579 screens for $73.88 million). It is too early to tell where it will end up in Italy, but it did add $12.38 million on 856 screens over the weekend for a total of $35.49 million after two. It could reach $100 million or more in ten markets. Calling it amazing seems redundant at this point.

Sherlock Holmes remained in second for yet another weekend, adding $16.85 million on 5,041 screens in 57 markets for a total of $198.09 million after a month of release. It has now outpaced its domestic total on the international scene, while its worldwide box office reached $389.17 million. The film had no major market openings over the weekend, but it held strong in the U.K., down just 20% to $2.64 million on 478 screens over the weekend for a total of $34.53 million after a month of release. It also added $2.94 million on 431 screens over the weekend in Spain for a total of $9.07 million after two.

Nasha Russia: Yaytsa Sudby opened in first place in Russia and the Ukraine and earned third place internationally with $13.28 million on 1,134 screens in the process. In the former it made $12.62 million on 1,053 screens, while it made $667,000 on 81 in the latter.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel slipped a spot to fourth with $11.60 million on 4,776 screens in 60 markets for a total of $175.19 million internationally and $379.33 million worldwide. With no more major markets ahead of it, it will quickly slide down the chart; however, it should have no trouble reaching $200 million internationally and $400 million worldwide, which should all but assure another installment in the franchise.

Up in the Air moved a spot in the other direction and reached the top five with $11.38 million on 2,085 screens in 25 markets for a total of $19.94 million. It opened in second place in Italy with $1.99 million on 339 screens, while it had to settle for third place in Spain with $1.85 million on 231 screens. It remained potent in the U.K., down a mere 7% to $1.95 million over the weekend for a total of $5.30 million after two. The film opens in France this weekend, Germany the weekend after that, and doesn't debut in Japan until March.


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