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Featured TV on DVD Review: Disney's Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition

February 7th, 2010

Disney's Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition - Buy from Amazon

Animal Expedition is the latest DVD in the very popular pre-school TV series featuring the adventures of Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie who, along with their transforming rocketship, Rocket, go on adventures and solve problems. Each episode also has kids learning about classic music and art.

The episodes on this DVD are...

  1. Whale Tale

    While at the seashore, Rocket makes friends with a whale he (it?) meets while swimming in the ocean. But when the little whale has to go with its whale pod, Rocket misses his (its) new friend so the kids decide to head underwater to try to find him.

  2. Duck, Duck, June

    June and the rest come across a mother duck and her eggs and they are happy to see them hatch. But one of the ducklings mistakes June for her mother, it follows her into Rocket and is accidentally taken back to the HQ. Now it is up to the gang to get it back to its mother.

    On a side note, the first two episodes both have the same music. I understand there are repeats on the show, which is understandable since there have been nearly 60 episodes, but there are only four episodes on this DVD and there shouldn't be any repeats. Minor complaint, but one I wanted to mention.

  3. Jump for Joey

    The group is off to Australia to see the Animal Talent Show, including a Kangaroo named Joey who can jump really well. But he forgot the talent show was on today, so Quincy and the rest have to help him get there in time.

  4. Little Elephant's Big Parade!

    It's off to India to see the Elephant Parade. But when Leo wins a tiny elephant, he has to help her get the special peanuts she needs to grow large enough to participant in the Elephant Parade.

    Music this time is by Edvard Grieg, who is one of my favorite composers, but its "Wedding Day At Troldhaugen" and not "Morning Mood" or "In the Hall of the Mountain King", which are my two favorites. (Those songs are featured in this series, but on different episodes.)

There are two extras on the DVD. The first is a game called The Animal Crane Game where you play a game very much like Leo played to win his tiny Elephant. Each of the animals featured on this DVD is featured in the game as well. The next extra is a bonus episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called Goofy's Petting Zoo. With the same target audience and a similar theme, it is a great addition here.

The Verdict

Disney's Little Einsteins is a very popular TV show for pre-school kids and the latest DVD release, Animal Expedition is a collection of four episodes from the show, a bonus episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a game. The overall value is excellent and if your kids are fans of the show, it is worth picking up.

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