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Featured TV on DVD Review: Nick Jr Favorites: Go Green

March 28th, 2010

Nick Jr Favorites: Go Green - Buy from Amazon

With Earth Day less than a month away, Nickelodeon (or to be more specific, Nick Jr.) is releasing a compilation DVD, Go Green, with an assortment of episodes from various preschool shows from the network. All have an environmental theme. The episodes start with...

  • Dora the Explorer: Bugga Bugga
    While Dora and Boots are looking for bugs, they come across a Bugga Bugga bug that is trying to carry a cookie to its home to feed its kids. The cookie is too heavy for the little bug to carry, so Dora and Boots decide to help her. However, there will be a lot of obstacles in their way, including a bug eating plant, plenty of spiders, and of course Swiper the Fox.
  • Go, Diego, Go!: Manatee’s Mermaid Rescue!
    Diego is telling a story to a manatee named Manatee. It's about mermaids and when Diego and Manatee jump into the storybook, they have to help the mermaids when their city is pushed out of the ocean. They'll need to past the crocodiles, a forest of sea plants, and more.
  • Wonder Pets!: Save the Tree / Save the Elephant
    The Wonder Pets set out to save... a tree? I thought they rescued animals. Apparently they are branching out. Get it? It's a pun! Moving on. The little tree is growing in the city and the trio need to help it thrive by cleaning up the place.
    In the second half of this episode, the trio have to travel to Africa to help a baby elephant that is trapped in the mud. But with a job this big, they might need some big, big help.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!: Green
    DJ Lance and his friends learn how to take care of plants, the way to deal with litter, and more, all while taking time to sing and dance and do the other regular bits.
  • Blue’s Clues: What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
    After Steve does some cleaning up, he and Blue decide to make something out of the trash. Steve doesn't know what to make, but Blue does. Instead of telling Steve, Blue hides clues.
  • Ni Hao, Kai-lan: The Place Where We All Live
    There's a commotion in Ant City and when Kai-lan and her friends check it out, they find out that the ants, snails, and worms are busy building a new fruit stand. However, they run into trouble when the trash from Ye Ye's gifts get in the way. Will Kai-lan, Rintoo, Tolee, and Hoho be able to fix the problems they caused?
Like most Nick Jr. releases, there are no extras on the DVD. However, there are six episodes, which is better than a lot of previous releases.

The Verdict

Go Green is a compilation DVD featuring six popular kids' shows that are shown on Nick Jr. All six episodes have an environmental theme, which makes this DVD perfect for Earth Day which this year happens to land on the 22nd of April. The price per minute is solid compared to most other similar releases and if your kids enjoy these shows, then the DVD is worth picking up.

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