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DVD Sales: "Wonder" Lands on Top

June 14th, 2010

There was a quartet of new releases that reached the top 30 on this week's sales chart, starting with the new number one film, Alice in Wonderland. The $1 billion hit sold 2.10 million units during its first week of release, generating sales of $40.13 million. It just missed the top ten for 2010 (one of the films ahead of it was actually released in 2009). The Wolfman earned second place debuting with sales of 499,000 units and $8.97 million. Dear John fell from first to third with 177,000 units sold for a total of 703,000 units / $12.64 million. Avatar has now spent seven weeks in the top five, earning fourth with 146,000 units / $2.86 million for the week and 7.34 million / $126.44 million in total. Next up is True Blood: Season Two with 137,000 units / $4.53 million for the week and 618,000 units / $20.37 million after two. It's rare for a TV on DVD release to open in the top five, so to remain there a second week is even more impressive.

The only two other new releases to chart were also from the TV on DVD category: Burn Notice: Season Three and Life. The former sold 79,000 units, generating $2.54 million in sales, earning seventh place in the process. The latter was right behind with 72,000 units, but generated $2.87 million.

Blu-ray saw serious growth this week, more than doubling its weekly haul to $37.7 million. Growth compared to last year was at a staggering 98%, thus ending the mini-slump the format as been on. Alice in Wonderland was the best selling Blu-ray of the week, moving 1.25 million units. The Wolfman was right behind with 250,000 units. Also of note, Life sold 110,000 units, meaning it sold more Blu-rays than it did DVDs.


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