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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Backyardigans: Operation Elephant Drop

July 4th, 2010

The Backyardigans: Operation Elephant Drop - Buy from Amazon

Operation Elephant Drop is yet another single-disc release from the popular preschool series, The Backyardigans. Like the previous DVD releases, this one has has several episodes starting with...

  1. Elephant on the Run
    Pablo and Tyrone are agents, delivery agents. Really well trained delivery agents. James Bond has nothing on these two. This is good news, because Agent Tasha has an important package for them to deliver, an Elephant. Very quickly Uniqua and Austin steal the Elephant and they have to give chase.
  2. The Magic Skateboard
    Tyrone wants to win the "Show-off Showdown", the greatest skateboard competition ever. However, he's quite terrible at skateboarding. There's no way he can beat Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin. That is until he finds a magic skateboard.
  3. The Flipper
    Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha are the Meteor Watch Squad, a group that spend their time looking out for meteorites so Pablo can use his invention, the Rocket Racket, to save the Earth. However, it has been a long wait and Pablo is getting impatient and when a meteor is finally spotted, he causes a small accident and mutates into a giant, green monster that's even more obsessed with meteors than normal.
  4. Super Team Awesome
    Tyrone is the tour guide to the backyard... there's probably not a lot of demand for his services. The only people who we ever seen in the backyard are him and his four friends, and they probably know as much as about the backyard as he does. In the imagination, which is where most of the adventures on this show take place, he's the tour guide for an underground wonder called Old Gushy... an active volcano. This won't end well.
There are no extras on the DVD. Nor are there subtitles or proper chapter placements.

The Verdict

Like many similar shows, The Backyardigans is full of bright colors, smooth animation, and lots and lots of music. However, unlike most similar shows, the music isn't very repetitive, as there are original songs for every episode. Most other shows aimed at the same target audience have the same few songs that are heard every episode, sometimes multiple times every episode. On the down side, Operation Elephant Drop only has four episodes when the average number of episodes for other DVD releases appears to be going up, plus there are no extras. That said, if your kids are fans of the show and you thought the previous release was good value, then this DVD is also worth picking up.

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