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Limited Releases are All Right

July 9th, 2010

Not a huge list of limited releases this week, but all four have a chance at becoming hits. [REC] 2 is the sequel to a popular horror film, at least it's popular among genre fans. Grease is one of the biggest musicals of all time. The Kids Are All Right has an outstanding cast and it reviews are just as strong. While The Girl Who Played with Fire is a global phenomenon. I would be shocked if all four films thrived, but I would be even more shocked if at least one of them didn't.

[REC] 2 - Reviews
The follow-up to [REC], which never earned a theatrical release. This is a step up, but it may prove folly. First of all, it's a horror film opening in limited release, which almost always doesn't work out. Secondly, it's reviews are good, great for a horror sequel, but it's not up to par for a limited release. Finally, the original [REC] was remade as Quarantine, which was only a moderate success with moviegoers and critics, so there might not be a built up demand to see this movie. Finally, it was already released on Video On Demand, which tends to kill a film's box office run. Hopefully I'm proven wrong. [REC] 2 opens tonight in four theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

Grease: Sing-A-Long Edition Reviews
I hate this movie. I don't think the two leads have any chemistry, Olivia Newton-John can't act, John Travolta can't sing, and the songs are terrible. They might be catchy, but the lyrics are painful. "You know that ain't no shit, we'll be getting lotsa tit" ... That's an actual line in "Grease Lightning", which is one of the most popular songs in the movie. On the other hand, it is hugely popular and the Sing-A-Long Edition could be the biggest hit of the weekend in the limited release front. Grease: Sing-A-Long Edition opened yesterday in a dozen theaters in select cities nationwide.

The Kids Are All Right - Reviews
Julianne Moore and Annette Bening are a lesbian couple who have two kids conceived by artificial insemination. When the younger of their two kids, Josh Hutcherson, convinces his older sister Mia Wasikowska, to look up their biological dad, Mark Ruffalo, their family dynamic is changed forever. That's an interesting setup, an impressive cast, and to top it off, the reviews are stellar. Should be a hit in limited release and it might even earn some measure of mainstream success. The Kids Are All Right opens tonight in seven theaters, mostly in New York City and the Los Angeles area, but also in Chicago.

Millennium 2, a.k.a The Girl Who Played with Fire - Reviews
The first installment of this trilogy, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, earned fantastic reviews and was a massive hit in limited release, especially for a foreign language film. This film is not earning the same level of critical praise, which could hurt its chances at the box office. Also, with the American remake going forward, there might be less incentive to see the original. On the other hand, the film was just released on DVD / Blu-ray, so that could help its cause. The Girl Who Played with Fire opens tonight in more than 85 theaters nationwide, which might too many to thrive, but it is already a financial hit worldwide.


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