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DVD Sales: Lost in a Sea of New Releases

September 8th, 2010

Eight new releases reached the top 30 on this week's sales chart, including five TV on DVD releases. Leading the way was Lost: Season Six, which sold 339,000 units during its opening week and earned $12.88 million in consumer spending at retail. The Back-Up Plan opened in second place with 277,000 units / $4.71 million, which is not great, even compared to its theatrical run. The Last Song was pushed into third place with 204,000 units for the week giving it sales of 965,000 units and $17.36 million after two. It has likely already crossed 1 million units, which is not bad given the overall market. NCIS: Season Seven opened in fourth place with 132,000 units sold, but second place with $5.03 million in revenue. Rounding out the top five was Dexter: Season Four with 121,000 units / $3.70 million for the week and 487,000 units / $14.69 million after two.

There were plenty of other new releases to chart starting with The Simpsons: Season 13 with 89,000 units / $2.69 million, while Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season placed ninth with 64,000 units / $2.37 million. A couple limited releases were next with George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead in 19th place with 37,000 units / $607,000 and City Island in 22nd with 33,000 units / $516,000. Finally, Lost: The Complete Series opened in 24th place with 32,000 units, but thanks to its price, it landed in third place in terms of consumer spending with $4.72 million.

Total Blu-ray sales were up 22% from last week to $16.3 million this week. It also showed growth compared to DVD sales, representing 12% of total sales and 17% of the top twenty comparison. Compared to last year, Blu-ray was up by 55%, which continues Blu-ray's erratic performance over the past few weeks. The best-selling Blu-ray of the week was Lost: Season Six with just over 80,000 units while The Complete Collection placed second with just under 40,000 units.


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