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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dora the Explorer: Dora's Slumber Party

September 10th, 2010

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Slumber Party - Buy from Amazon

The latest Dora the Explorer DVD release is called Dora's Slumber Party and it features six episodes, all with a bedtime theme. These episodes start with...

The Show

  1. Boots's Cuddly Dinosaur
    Dora and Boots are having a sleepover and Dora has her teddy bear, but Boots can't find his cuddly dinosaur. They think it was lost at the park, so they have to travel there. However, it's getting late, so they need to find the shortest route. Along the way, they have to help mother animals find their kids, find stars, and of course stop Swiper.
  2. Louder
    Dora and Boots wake up from their sleepover, but they woke up so early that the sun is still asleep. Red Rooster needs to wake up the sun, but he has a sore throat so it is up to Dora and Boots to help him first with his soar throat, and then getting to the highest hill. ... An episode about being louder... I'm sure the parents will love this.
  3. The Lost City
    Oh no... Dora's lost her teddy bear, and it wasn't Swiper. The Map has a suggestion, go to the Lost City, which is where everything that's ever been lost goes. However, as a mythical place, it is not an easy journey and they have to deal with shortcuts, jungles, and more. Fortunately, Woo Hoo, the Hide-and-Seek star can help them.
  4. Little Star
    Dora explains about the wishing star, which is actually Venus, but they don't mention that in the show. While they are wishing on the evening star, a comet comes along and knocks it out of the sky. The astronomy lessons in this show are terrible. Now Dora and Boots have to help the star get back into the sky, otherwise no one will be able to make a wish.
  5. Super Babies' Dream Adventure
    Dora and Boots are baby sitting her baby sister and baby brother. It's nap time and every day at nap time Dora tells the babies a story. She tells them the story of the Super Babies and how they helped the Dream Faerie wake up so she can spread dreams to all the other babies.
  6. Dora Had a Little Lamb
    Dora and Boots find a big book of nursery rhymes and before they know what to do, a little lamb walks out of the book. Now they have to go into the book and help the lamb get back to Mary's house. Of course, they will encounter a number of nursery rhyme adventures along the way.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Slumber Party has no extras, but with six full episodes, its running time it longer than a lot of similar DVD releases and the price-per-minute is a bargain compared to a lot of preschool releases.

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