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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Backyardigans: Christmas with the Backyardigans

October 2nd, 2010

The Backyardigans: Christmas with the Backyardigans - Buy from Amazon

It's October and that can mean only one thing, it's time for Christmas. Snark aside, The Backyardigans has proven to be one of my favorite preschool shows over the years for a number of reasons, including the surprising variety of music. There are songs in every episode, and not just the same two or three songs over and over and over again. Like most DVD releases from the show, this one has four episodes, starting with...

The Show

  1. The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve
    Uniqua, Tasha, and Pablo are the Action Elves, three toy makers for Santa, but also secret agent elves that deal with any problem up at the North Pole. Their mission is to recover Santa's magical toy sack, which was stolen by the Abominable Brothers, two abominable snowmen. It seems like a pretty simple mission; after all, it's not like the Abominable Brothers are going to outsmart them. However, Santa's sack is magic, so that complicates things.
  2. Pablor and the Acorns
    Pablor and Uniquar are two aliens fighting over the Crystal of Power, but in the process send it crashing to Earth to the top of Buttercup Mountain. Meanwhile on Earth, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin are Acorns planning a hike to the top of Buttercup Mountain when they witness the Crystal of Power crash, followed shortly by Pablor's ship. Since they are both going to the same place, the Acorns decide to help Pablor, for no other reason than he seems to really need the help. (He can't even walk past a tree without getting stuck.) But after taking the worst of their first encounter, Uniquar is soon back.
  3. The Big Dipper Diner
    Pablo and Uniqua work at the Big Dipper Diner, an old fashioned diner, but in outer space. Their first customers of the day are usually Officers Tasha and Tyrone, but they are called away to catch a dangerous shrinking alien, Blarg. (The alien itself doesn't shrink, but it can shrink whatever it touches.) But when a nearly identical alien, Hugs, arrives at the diner, it's a comedy of errors.
  4. The Amazing Splashinis
    Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua are the Splashinis, a synchronized diving team. They are trying to do the sextuple somersault splash dive. It's tough, so they will have to practice a lot. This isn't really a problem, till a sea monster invades their swimming pool. At first Pablo and Tyrone are rather excited to have their own sea monster, but Uniqua reminds them that they need the pool to practice, so they have to find a way to get the sea monster to leave.

The Extras

There is a music video for "I Love Snow Remix" and a Matching Gift Game. That's not much, but above par for preschool releases.

The Verdict

The Backyardigans: Christmas with the Backyardigans only has one Christmas episode on the disc, but marketing issues aside, if your kids are fans of the show, it's worth adding to your collection.

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