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New Releases were Far from Super on Per Theater Chart

October 5th, 2010

Not a lot of action on the per theater chart this week with only one film, Waiting for Superman, topping $10,000. It managed an average of $12,026 during its second weekend of release, but it also saw significant expansion and by this time next week will have crossed the $1 million milestone.

None of the new limited releases did particularly well; in fact, there were more than missed the Mendoza Line than there were that came even halfway to reaching the $10,000 mark. The best was Leaving with an average of $6,349 in two theaters. Nine Nation Animation opened with $3000 in one theater, while Douchebag was right behind with $2,966, also in one theater. Freakonomics missed the Mendoza Line with an average of just $1,595 in 20 theaters, but given the anthology nature of the film, it could do much better on the home market. Hatchet II was better than the original, but not by enough to really matter, earning an average of $774 in nearly 70 theaters. Finally, Chain Letter opened with close to $140,000, which would have been impressive, except it was playing in over 400 theaters resulting in a tiny average of $342.

The only limited release to reach a major milestone during the past weekend was Catfish, which hit $1 million. As more Awards Season hopefuls come out, there should be a rush of milestones reached over the coming weeks / months.


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