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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Penguins Madagascar: I Was Penguin Zombie

October 20th, 2010

The Penguins Madagascar: I Was Penguin Zombie - Buy from Amazon

Holy crap! A Halloween release coming out near Halloween. Okay, I Was Penguin Zombie came out a couple weeks ago, but close enough. Like the previous Penguins of Madagascar DVDs, this one contains a handful of 11-minute shorts, this time starting with...

The Show

  1. I Was A Penguin Zombie
    After failing to catch the elusive Polish Sauerkraut, the Skipper breaks his arm and under the effects of the anesthetics used by the vet, he is mistaken for a zombie by the rest of the gang.
  2. Driven to the Brink
    Skipper puts the gang through a grueling driving test, but while Kowalski and Private are too concerned with the rules of the road, Rico takes to driving Skipper style. In fact, he quickly becomes obsessed and takes the car out for a joyride that night, only to crash it. His hasty repairs seem to bring the car to life, and it wants revenge.
  3. Haunted Habitat
    Marlene is hearing horrible sounds coming from somewhere in her habitat, so the Penguins come to investigate. However, after an incident involving dynamite, Marlene and the Skipper are trapped in the sewer together, and they are not alone.
  4. Lemur See, Lemur Do
    King Julien discovers a gaint package in his habitat and assumes its his birthday. However, that's not a gift for him, but a robot. It's there to study lemur behavior before being shot into space. King Julien + Robot Julien = Scariest episode on the DVD.
  5. Eclipsed
    Mort and Phil, the two Chimpanzees use a total eclipse of the sun to convince King Julien to be nicer. I would settle for quieter.
  6. Mort Unbound
    Kowalski is working on a super soldier laser thingee, but Mort accidentally takes a huge dose. Now he's big and strong, but he still does whatever King Julien says, but for how long?
  7. Misfortune Cookie
    Rico's fortune is not the usual pleasantries associated with Fortune Cookies. King Julien is convinced Rico is cursed. However, Skipper is able to calm down his men, so Julien decides to make sure the curse comes true, no matter what he has to do.
  8. It's About Time
    Kowalski creates a time machine, but before he can complete it, a future self warns Private that the time machine can never be completed. But before Private can stop the machine from being created, a future Kowalski warns Skipper than the time machine must be completed! Then things get really confusing.
I wasn't a fan of the previous DVD from this TV show, as it had too much King Julien. However, this time around, I laughed a whole lot more. The spoofs of classic horror genres and movies make this show a lot of fun, plus it is something adults can enjoy with their kids.

The Extras

There are no real extras on the DVD. There is the Dreamworks Jukebox, but that's on every DVD they release, so it is not a selling point anymore.

The Verdict

For many people, the penguins are the best part of the Madagascar franchise, and Penguins of Madagascar lets them shine. I Was Penguin Zombie is the best DVD release so far, and the show is starting to really grow on me. On the other hand, the lack of extras and the price-per-minute are an issue. This makes it only an average value compared to similar single-disc kids show releases.

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