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Awards Season - Slumdog Wins More than the Oscars

March 3rd, 2009

It's been just over a week since Slumdog Millionaire won big at the Oscars, and it won again last weekend. It was the only one of the ten theatrical winners to show a significant bounce at the box office, as its theater count and per theater average both rose. This helped its box office climb by 43% to just over $12 million, the best weekend haul in its run.

A few of the other winners saw increases in their box office numbers, like Milk, which grew by nearly 40%, or The Reader, which was up by 8%. The Dark Knight saw its per theater average increase somewhat, while its theater count decreases by 1. However, since its only playing in 54 theaters at the moment, this is hardly a significant change in its box office. Meanwhile The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was down just 36% despite winning three Oscars.

The rest of the winners are either no longer factors at the box office, completely out of theaters, or in the case of Depatures, haven't even been released theatrically here.


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