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DVD Sales - Pinocchio a Real Hit

March 24th, 2009

It was a huge week for new releases with nine of them reach the top 30, including four of the top five. The new number one film was Pinocchio, which sold 1.40 million units and generated $23.78 million in consumer spending at retail. Role Models opened in second place with 1.06 million units sold and $18.01 million in spending. This is in line with expectations given the film's domestic box office. Transporter 3 performed relatively better with 626,000 units, which was $11.27 million, or more than 33% of its total domestic box office. However, this franchise has always been a big hit on the home market. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the only holdover in the top five, as it sold 558,000 units for a running tally of 2.17 million units and $38.24 million after two weeks of release. Rounding out the top five was Milk with 257,000 units / $4.62 million in sales. It was just as strong on the rental charts, which bodes well for future sales.

The next best new release was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which debuted in 8th place with 152,000 units sold and $3.04 million. Strong for a limited release. Cadillac Records generated $2.55 million is sales from 130,000 units, landing in 10th place in the process, and right behind it with a virtually identical sales figure was Rachel Getting Married. Up next in 12th place was South Park - Season 12... spooky. The DVD sold 109,000 units but thanks to higher price tag, it earned $3.39 million in opening week sales. The next new release to chart was Let the Right One In, which earned $1.00 million from 50,000 units. To earn half of its domestic run during its first week of sales is amazing. No wonder they are remaking it.

In my new release report, I described this week as, "Not a good week for Blu-ray releases." Boy was I wrong. Sales shot up nearly 60% from the previous week to $16.8 million. That was the third best week so far this year, and more than 51% higher than the same week last year. Looking at market share, Blu-rays represented 9.8% of total sales and 12% of the Top 20 comparison. The best-selling Blu-ray was Pinocchio with roughly 250,000 units, or 15% of total sales. To put this into perspective, Sleeping Beauty sold 9% of its opening week units in High Definition, which means there was a huge increase in just a few months. It also means that by this time next year, kids movies could be driving the marketplace, like they do on Standard Definition, although that is a best case scenario. Other standout sellers on Blu-ray include Role Models which sold just over 150,000 units and Transporter 3, which sold just under 150,000. Meanwhile, Let the Right One In had the highest percent of Blu-ray sales of the new releases at just under 22%.


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