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Movie Website Reviews for the Weekend of April 10th, 2009

April 12th, 2009

Summer can't come soon enough as there was not much in the way of top notch movie sites this week. In fact, there was only one site that was above average, Hannah Montana the Movie's Official Site, and even there is was barely above average.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil - Official Site
I was hoping for more. Specifically, I was expecting more music. It has all of the usual features, including a few clips, which are on YouTube. (One of the links is broken.) But there's nothing here to really make it stand out. Solid, but unspectacular.

Dragonball Evolution - Official Site
Mostly it's just the basics (they have character bios and no cast & crew bios). It feels like a site made by a studio that didn't have a lot of faith in the movie.

Hannah Montana the Movie - Official Site
The biggest and best site of the week, it has all of the usual features, as well as a few extras. These include a couple music videos, and even a game. (There is a section for clips, but they are marked coming soon.) The game is more in-depth than most games found on websites, which helps. Strangely, there was not as much music as I thought there should be, especially considering the musical nature of the movie. In fact, the short clip of the one song they have doesn't even loop, which means unless you turn it back on, the site is mostly silent. While it is still the best site of the week, I don't think it is worthy of the Weekly Website Award. It would need a little more sound and animation for that.

Lymelife - Official Site
All the usual features are here, as well as seven clips. Overall it is effective; however, there's not a lot to set it apart.

Observe and Report - Official Site
Arg. There's a restricted section that I can't get to because I don't have valid United States government I.D. What I can see is weak, very weak for a wide release. Granted, all of the basics are here, as well as clips from the soundtrack, but there's no style here.


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