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DVD Sales - Top of the Chart Goes to the Dogs

April 15th, 2009

Slow week for new releases with only four or five reaching the top five, depending on how you count Bedtime Stories. We did have a new number one, as Marley and Me sold 1.53 million units generating $28.32 million in sales. Second place went to another canine related film, Slumdog Millionaire placed second with $14.17 million in sales from 842,000 units sold. I'm a little surprised Slumdog Millionaire didn't come out on top, given its box office performance, and other factors. Twilight plummeted to third place with 645,000 units / $11.58 million for the week, but it has already earned $119.90 million in sales from 6.67 million units sold, which is the best sales 2009 has produced so far. Bolt slipped to fourth place but held on better selling 625,000 units and $11.19 million for totals of $37.21 million and 2.11 million units. Opening in fifth place was Seven Pounds, which was the only new release that charted this week that I didn't review. It pulled in $8.64 million after selling 506,000 units, which is inline with expectations.

Bedtime Stories opened, sort of, scoring seventh place with 221,000 units and $3.77 million in sales, but that was over just a couple of days. The final new release to chart was Hannah Montana - Keeping It Real, which placed 23rd with a hair under 40,000 units sold for sales of $559,000.

Whoops! This time last week I predicted the overall DVD sales would return to the normal 60% year-to-year increases that we've been seeing since January. That didn't happen. Granted, sales were not as strong as last week down nearly 30% to $17.2 million, but that was still an amazing 131% more than the same weekend last year. Looking at the percentages, Blu-ray represented 8.6% of total sales, and 10% of the top 20 comparison. The best selling Blu-ray of week was Quantum of Solace, again, with just under 140,000 and it has now sold more than 600,000. Just behind for the week was Slumdog Millionaire with just over 130,000 units and Marley and Me with 115.000 units. Movies that would not have performed well on High Definition just last year are starting to move significant volumes, and that's a great sign.


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