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Weekend Estimates: Star Trek is Back

May 10th, 2009

Star Trek made a dramatic return over the weekend, earning comfortably over $70 million, according to Paramount's Sunday estimate. With $4 million in Thursday evening shows and $72.5 million Friday-Sunday, the movie's total is predicted to reach $76.5 million by the end of tonight. That's comfortably a franchise record (see franchise history). In fact, the opening is more than twice the previous best -- Star Trek: First Contact's $30 million opening back in 1996.

One remaining area of uncertainty is how Paramount will report the weekend figures. Last year, they included Thursday's previews for Iron Man in the movie's weekend report. If they follow that practice this year, the final weekend number will get a $4 million boost. We always report the studio's figures, while some other trackers make adjustments to reports based on their opinion of what should have been reported. So there might be some variations between reports when the final numbers are released on Monday.

Elsewhere this weekend, Next Day Air picked up a reasonable $4 million in 1,138 theaters for Summit. Wolverine, meanwhile, fell steeply, as expected, to earn $27 million in its second weekend for $129 million after two.

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