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International Details - Ice Not Showing its Age

August 1st, 2009

The top film on the international scene was published on Wednesday and can be found here.

It took Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs just a month to reach $500 million internationally becoming just the seventeenth film to reach that milestone. Over the weekend it added $40.37 million on 10,518 screens in 102 markets for a total of $505.18 million internationally and $676.68 million worldwide. The week the film opened in Japan, but it went nowhere in that market finishing in 10th place with $428,000 on 233 screens. The film opens in South Korea in a couple of weeks and in Italy at the end of the month, and when it does it should be at $600 million internationally and $800 million worldwide.

  • Public Enemies more than doubled its weekend haul climbing into third place with $10.07 million on 2455 screens in 34 markets for a total of $37.09 million. This includes a second place opening in Russia with $2.39 million on 398 screens over the weekend, which is better than it has performed in a lot of other markets.
  • The Hangover was in a virtual tie with the above film adding $10.07 million on 2198 screens in 36 markets to its running tally of $101.22 million. The film did extremely well in Germany despite the massive competition earning third place with $4.20 million on 423 screens. This is on par with Star Trek or Wolverine's opening in the market, and this film is likely going to have much better legs. Speaking of legs, the film added $1.13 million on 354 screens in the U.K. for a total of $32.04 million after seven weeks of release. Taking into account the relative size of the two markets, that's like earning $190 to $210 million, and it is still in the top five, so it will undoubtedly stick around a while longer.
  • Haeundae opened in first place in South Korea and fifth place internationally with $8.86 million on 739 screens over the weekend and $11.39 million in total. Haeundae is reportedly the first South Korean disaster movie and is about a tsunami that hits the resort town of Haeundae. It is also reportedly the most expensive South Korean film ever made costing roughly $11 million to make (although other sources have it costing closer to $15 million). To earn as much as it cost to make during its opening weekend is impressive, to say the least. The film will be released in many markets, including non-Asian markets like the United Kingdom and Germany, but the distribution rights to the United States have not been secured, yet.
  • The Proposal climbed a spot to sixth with $8.64 million on 2121 screens in 25 markets for a total of $61.90 million internationally. The film opened in second place in the U.K. with $5.34 million on 428 screens, giving it the second best per screen average in the market behind the overall number one film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The film already has more than $200 million worldwide with more than a few major markets left to open in and should have a few more milestones left in the tank.
  • Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen added $7.52 million on 5589 screens in 59 markets for a total of $413.87 million internationally and $793.08 million worldwide. The film has likely already reached $800 million worldwide, which will be the last major milestone for the film on the international scene, but it should climb a few more places on the all-time chart after that.
  • Bruno continues to slide down to eighth place with $7.22 million on 2668 screens in 28 markets for a total of $59.36 million internationally. However, that's more than its made domestically, and it still has markets left to open in. This week it made its debut in France and Russia. In the former it earned eighth place with $903,000 on 214 screens, while in the latter it earned fourth, but with just $468,000 on 233 screens.
  • Pokemon 2009 didn't fall as badly as I expected in Japan. Granted, it was down 46% to $3.85 million on 366 screens, which is a steep decline for the market, but it could have been worse. Overall the film has now has $18.84 million after two weeks of release and that is better than some of the previous installments in the franchise during this point of their run.
  • Overheard opened in China with $3.81 million on 610 screens, while it opens in its native Hong Kong this weekend.
  • McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten was right behind with $3.66 million on 320 screens in China.
  • Luck opened in India over the weekend doing well enough in that one market to score 12th place overall with $3.12 million on 1111 screens.
  • Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess landed in 13th place internationally while remaining in third place in Japan adding $2.98 million on 357 screens over the weekend to its total of $12.56 million after two.
  • The Taking Of Pelham entered the chart in 14th place with $2.93 million on 578 screens in 12 markets for a total of just $9.21 million after more than a month of release. This past weekend the film opened in first place in Spain with $2.22 million on 399 screens, while the film opens in the U.K. and France this weekend, and continues its gradual rollout till the end of September.
  • That's it for multi-million dollar films, but Gokusen came within a rounding error of that mark with $1.99 million on 409 screens over the weekend. That left it in fourth place in Japan and 15th place internationally.


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