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DVD Rentals - Watching Watchmen and Coraline and the Rest of the New Releases

August 5th, 2009

New releases were not as plentiful on the rental chart as they were on the sales chart, mainly due to the fact that TV on DVD dominated the lower half of sales. The top two films were the same with Watchmen opening in first place with roughly 50% more rentals than Coraline had. Knowing and A Haunting in Connecticut finished in a virtual tie for third place. This left Push in fifth place.

The best of the rest of the new releases was The Great Buck Howard, which opened in 19th place. Meanwhile, the only other new release to chart was The Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow.

Total rentals were 11.3% higher than last weekend at $160.3 million. More importantly, this was 1.2% higher than the same weekend last year.


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