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Things are Not Normal on the Per Theater Chart

October 20th, 2009

Paranormal Activity remained on top of the per theater chart with an average of $25,711. The film finally saw its per theater average drop this past weekend, but it should still have no trouble expanding. Second place went to The Maid, which earned $17,036 in one theater. An Education remained in the $10,000 club with an average of $12,882, while A Serious Man took in more than $800,000 in 82 theaters for an average of $10,275.

There was a plethora of new limited releases this week, and I mean that literally. Plethora doesn't mean 'a lot'; it means 'too many'. And that was certainly the case here, as one could argue the competition meant no film matched its potential. The best of these new releases was New York, I Love You, with a mediocre average of $3,200. Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna was the only other film to top the Mendoza Line, and it barely managed that feat with an average of just $2,053. Black Dynamite earned $130,000 in 70 for an average of $1,884, but I think it could still do well on the home market. All the Best - Fun Begins was right behind with $1,746. The Ministers opened in two theaters earning just $2,800 for an average of $1,422.

Even further down the list we find Food Beware with just $595 in its lone theater. Janky Promoters finally hit theaters, but no one notices, as it earned an average of $282 in 22 theaters. Finally we find Opa!, which earned an average of $237 in 200 theaters. To put that into perspective, assuming an average of 10 showings per weekend, there were an average of four tickets sold per screening. Ouch.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Charts alumni:

  • Coco Before Channel hit $1 million just before the weekend and will have little trouble topping $2 million before long.
  • A Serious Man also made it to $1 million just before the weekend and by tonight may have surpassed $2 million.
  • Bright Star may have peaked at the box office, but it reached $3 million since this time last week, and by this time next week it could be at $4 million.
  • Capitalism - A Love Story made it all the way to $10 million, which is amazing for a documentary. $15 million isn't out of reach, but it will take a while to get there.
  • Paranormal Activity exploded at the box office over the weekend earning $19 million over three days for a total of more than $30 million after 24 days of release. And it is still not playing wide. I suspect that will change shortly, as theater owners must be enthusiastic over the prospects of booking this phenomenon.


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