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Precious Limited Releases

November 6th, 2009

With the beginning of November comes the start of Awards Season, so we should be seeing more and more potential Awards Season players coming out over the coming weeks. However, while there is one such release this week, Precious, it is overshadowing all of the other new releases.

Collapse - Reviews
A documentary about / interview of Michael Ruppert, who believes were are witnessing the collapse of the industrialized world brought on by unsustainable economic and financial policies. One of the best reviewed films of the week, but even so it could struggle at the box office because it is also being released on Video-on-Demand tonight, as so far this strategy has shown more people are willing to watch a movie in the comfort of their own home than go to a theater to see the same movie. Collapse opens tonight in one theater, Angelika Film Center in New York City, as well as the aforementioned V.O.D. release.

La Danse - Reviews
A documentary about the Paris Opera Ballet. So far the film is earning perfect reviews, but there are not that many of them, which is not a good sign. Art house films need the word-of-mouth generated by reviews to thrive. That said, this is a subject that could do well in limited release, but even so, it has little to no chance at expanding wide. La Danse opened on Wednesday at the Film Forum in New York City.

Endgame - Reviews
A historical drama about the events of 1985 regarding the fall of the apartheid, but dealing with secret talks that took place in the U.K. The movie originally aired on TV back in its native U.K. but only earned mixed reviews, much like it is earning here. It is also the widest release of the week opening in 22 theaters in select cities nationwide. This spread out release schedule will likely further hurt its chances at the box office.

Precious - Reviews
One of the most buzz-worthy releases of Awards Season, certainly so far, possibly by the end. Critics have praised the film's performances, including those by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, as well as Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, and even Mariah Carey. The buzz plus the overwhelmingly positive reviews should help it during its opening, even if its theater count could dilute its per theater average somewhat. The only question is whether the film's unrelenting nature could be too much for mainstream audiences, thus preventing it from expanding wide even if it does start to pick up nominations. Precious opens tonight in 18 theaters, including those in New York City and the Los Angeles area, but also in places like Chicago and Atlanta.

Splinterheads - Reviews
A comedy about a slacker who falls in love with a com woman working for a traveling carnival that comes to his small town. The film is not earning good reviews, or many reviews, and that suggests it will struggle to find an audience during its theatrical run. It could be worth a rental, but it seems obvious that's how most people will discover the movie. Splinterheads opens tonight at the Regal Union 14 in New York City.

That Evening Sun - Reviews
Hal Holbrook plays an 80-year old man left at a nursing home by his son, who decides to escape and return to his farm, only to find out his son leased it to his hated rival. However, he decides to stay till the bitter end regardless. So far there are not that many reviews and while the overall Tomatometer score is good, it is not great. This is a film that could struggle just to get noticed in limited release. That Evening Sun opens tonight at the City Cinemas Cinema 1, 2, and 3 in New York City.


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