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DVD Sales: Going Up

November 25th, 2009

As expected, Up dominated new releases on this week's sales chart as it earned first place with $88.13 million in consumer spending at retail and 5.30 million units. This instantly places it fourth on the overall chart for 2009. The Ugly Truth opened in second place with 1.13 million units and $18.05 million in spending. This is on par with expectations. G.I.Joe - The Rise of Cobra fell from first to third with 817,000 units and $13.19 million in sales for the week for totals of 3.36 million units and $54.19 million. Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen remained in fourth place with 519,000 units for the week and 8.08 million units after nearly a month of release. Meanwhile, it continues to stretch its lead for highest grossing DVD with $181.86 million so far. Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs rounded out the top five with 518,000 units / $9.20 million for the week and 4.00 million units / $68.37 million after three.

The only other new release to chart was My One and Only, which placed 24th with 57,000 units and $972,000 in spending. Not bad for a limited release that was only being sold in Target stores.

Blu-ray broke records this week with $41.0 million in spending, according to Home Media Magazine's estimate, which was 46% higher than last week and 164% higher than the same weekend last year. It was also the best single week in the format's history. Compared to DVD, Blu-ray represented 16.8% of total sales and 18.6% of the top 20 comparison. Leading the way in sales was Up with about 1.5 million units or 24% of total sales for the title, which was a record for a family film. Second place went to Monsters, Inc. with 280,000, which is an impressive total for a catalogue title, especially a catalogue title for a family film.


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