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International Top Five - The Very Best of the International Charts

January 30th, 2008

There was another record-breaking homegrown release in Russia as The Very Best Film earned topped spot on the international charts with $17.82 million on 790 screens in 2 markets. Of that, $16.48 million on 702 screens came from its home market, which is a record opening in that market.

Others are reporting Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street won the weekend. I guess it depends on your definition of weekend. In many markets movies are released on Thursdays or Wednesdays on a regular basis, and including the weekday numbers, Sweeney Todd would have come out ahead with just over $18 million. However, over the weekend it earned second place with $16.18 million on 1676 screens in 10 markets for an early total of $29.35 million. Half of that came from the film's first place opening in the U.K. with $8.96 million while half of the rest came from France where the film pulled in $3.86 million.

I Am Legend was in a very close third place with $16.13 million on 5085 screens in 53 markets and now has a total of $290.17 million. The film had to rely on holdovers this weekend, but it did pull in $2.34 million on 506 screens in Mexico and $2.16 million on 717 screens in Germany. It now has $8.56 million after two weeks in the former and in the latter $21.05 million after three. I Am Legend is mostly done its international run, but will cross $300 million with ease and may even have enough left for $600 million worldwide and that would make it the second biggest hit in Will Smith's career.

National Treasure: The Book of Secrets returned to the top five after a week absence thanks mostly to a first place finish in Germany. There the film dominated with $5.45 million on 641 screens for an easy first place finish. The film also took in $1.12 million on 227 screens in Brazil earning second place in the process. Overall it added $12.49 million on 3793 screens in 43 markets to its total of $158.70 million internationally.

Cloverfield shot up the charts reaching fifth place this weekend with $9.24 million on 1309 screens in 18 markets for a very early total of $15.05 million. Good news, it opened in second place in both South Korea with $2.12 million on 344 screens over the weekend and $2.53 million in total while in Russia it earned $1.85 million on 394 screens. Bad news, it fell from first to six is Australia as it shrunk 61% to $997,000 on 236 screens over the weekend and $3.95 million in total. This shows that its collapse Stateside was not a fluke and could be a major concern internationally as well.


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