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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of February 1, 2008

February 2nd, 2008

Like most weeks this year, I was not wowed by any of the sites for this week's releases. Most could not rise above effective or average. Hopefully this trend will change soon as we get out of the early year doldrums.

Caramel - Official Site
Just a re-direct to the distributor's site. However, you can find the French site here.

The Eye - Official Site
Just the basics with a little too much style. For instance, the gallery is all blurry, except for part your mouse pointer is over. This is style that gets in the way of the content. There is also a section called Videoblink, which allows you to send video clips to friends that have 'haunted' effects in them.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour - Official Site
Almost no information here, then again, it is a concert film so there's no synopsis, cast & crew bios, etc. to deal with. There's just the image gallery, the announcement, a music video, and a clip from the concert. Should be effective in selling the movie to its target audience, but that's all.

Over Her Dead Bobdy - Official Site
There is a lot of content here including all of the usual features (synopsis, cast bios, photo gallery, and the trailer), and a handful of extras (3-minute clip, ask a parrot, and some recipes). However, the whole is less than the sum of the parts. Ask a parrot is just a magic 8-ball with a few audio clips, the 3-minute clip doesn't sell the movie very well, leaving the recipes as the most effective. Also, the background music is way too loud compared to the other aspects of the movie making you have to turn the sound up for the clips and down the rest of the time.

Praying with Lior - Official Site
A lot of text based information but no multimedia. The trailer can be found at the distributor's site.

Shrooms - Official Site
All of the usual information is here, synopsis, bios, images, and trailer, as well as a couple extras. These include information on how to take psychedelic mushrooms (My advice: don't. Eating non-psychedelic mushrooms in the wild is dangerous enough.), and a Pac Man clone. It's effective, but not award-worthy.

The Silence Before Bach - Official Site
The official site is actually found on the director's official site and it feels like a smaller section of a bigger site. Just the basics are here and there's not enough style to stand out.

Strange Wilderness - Official Site
Just the synopsis, production notes, bios, and a nearly 100% laugh-free trailer. If you can't cut a 90-minute movie into a laugh packed 2-minute trailer, you are in serious trouble.

The Witness - No Official Site
No site to review.


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