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DVD Sales - The Man With the Plan

February 4th, 2008

The Game Plan led all new releases and all holdovers to top this week's sales chart with 1.16 million units sold for opening week revenue just a hair shy of $20.00 million. Number two went to another new release, Saw IV, which sold 721,000 units during its opening week for $12.37 million in revenue. This is a slow start for the franchise and is less than half of what Saw III opened with just last year. 3:10 to Yuma remained in third place, selling 216,000 units over the week. This gives it 1.81 million units sold for $35.04 million so far. It also puts it on pace to become the first 2 million unit selling DVD of the year, if it can beat The Game Plan there. Good Luck Chuck fell from first to fourth with 204,000 units sold for the week for sales of 821,000 after two. The final release in the top five was Family Guy - Blue Harvest with 190,000 units sold this week for totals of 731,000 units / $11.76 million. Both are strong numbers for this kind of TV on DVD release.

On the one hand, Sydney White was able to open in sixth place on the charts this week. On the other hand, it was only able to sell 82,000 units for $1.63 million. Further down the list, The Hunting Party opened in 19th place with 47,000 units sold for opening week revenue of $936,000, which is a good start for a limited release.

Moving onto the format war, it was reported that Blu-ray won the week 85% to 15%, which is again not a significant change from last two weeks. Even if this trend were to continue, it would take more than two months for HD DVD to climb back to the old averages when it was losing 65% to 35%. And every week it is below 30% increases the chances that retailers will drop, or at least drastically cut back on stocking, HD DVDs. When that happens, it is game over for the format.


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