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Jumping to the Top

February 20th, 2008

The streak is over. For the first time in a while we saw decline on the year-to-year comparison. In fact, it wasn't even close as the overall box office earned $136 million over three days and $165 million over four. In both cases this represents double-digit declines, but 2008 is still leading 2007 by 11%, $1.29 billion to $1.16 billion.

Jumper matched the 5-day predictions nearly perfectly pulling in $38.72 million since Thursday and $27.35 million from Friday to Sunday. Reviews continue to be very poor but the daily tracking is too erratic thanks to the holiday to be of help judging the film's legs. It is unlikely that the film will match its production budget domestically, but barring a complete collapse, it should show a decent profit some time during its home market run.

Despite earning the best reviews for any of the four wide releases this week, The Spiderwick Chronicles opened on Thursday with the weakest box office. However, it showed the best day-to-day growth and by Monday it has climbed to top spot. This helped the film earn $27.12 million over five days, including $19.00 million over the 3-day weekend. This is lower than expected, and lower than Bridge to Terabithia opened with last year. This is bad news for a film with a $90 million production budget. Its reviews should help the film's legs, as will its target demographic, but I can't see the studio wanting to turn this movie into a franchise after this result. Maybe if it does very well internationally.

Step Up 2 the Streets was the only new release to beat expectations as it earned $18.91 million over three days and $28.73 million over five. This is relatively close to the film's reported production budget and there's little doubt it will show a profit in the end. In fact, there's little doubt there will be another sequel, but I would bet it will be a direct-to-DVD release. The quality certainly is that range.

Fool's Gold matched expectations nearly perfectly, earning $18.44 million over the five-day portion of the weekend while it took in $12.91 million during the three-day portion. It is going to have trouble matching its production budget domestically, but it will do well enough here that its international and home market numbers should help it over the top in terms of profitability.

Despite opening on Valentine's Day, this romantic comedy wasn't able to find a large audience finishing fourth with $3.12 million. Then, despite earning strong reviews, Definitely, Maybe wasn't able to grow over the weekend, earning $9.76 million over the next three days for a five day total of $14.59 million. It is unlikely that the film cost a ton to make and it should show a profit on the home market.

There was only one sophomore film to not hit the top five, and it placed sixth this weekend. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins fell just under 50% to $8.50 million over the 3-day weekend while it brought in $11.90 million over 5 days and now has $30.18 million. This is more than it cost to make, so the studio should be happy.

Finally, this should be the last weekend for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in the top ten, but it still earned $3.26 million over three days and $4.91 million over five. Over the 3-day weekend the film had a per theater average of $4,764 and it is hard to believe many theater owners were upset with that figure. Additionally, it will cross $60 million shortly, which will mean its box office is nearly 10 times as much as its production budget. Simply fantastic.


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