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DVD Rentals - One, Baby, One

February 25th, 2008

Like on the sales chart, there were eight new releases to chart this week, but not the same eight releases, nor did they finish in the same order. For instance, Gone, Baby, Gone topped the charts with $8.87 million. On the other hand, We Own the Night placed second on both charts earning $7.88 million in rentals this past week. The Brave One slipped a spot to third with $6.03 million for the week and $13.00 million after two. The Game Plan fell from first to fourth with $5.00 million, but it has made $31.08 million in rentals and is already a big hit. No Reservations rounding out the top five with $4.64 million, which is weaker than expected compared to its theatrical run.

The direct-to-DVD release, I Could Never be Your Woman placed 10th with $3.84 million while Becoming Jane was right behind it with $3.81 million. Why did I get Married? landed in 15th place with $3.52 million, which was a quarter of what it made in sales this week. The Martian Child earned $2.87 million in rentals, which was enough for 23rd place, while the final new release to chart was The Amateurs in 27th place with $2.63 million in rentals.


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