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DVD Sales - Beowulf has 7 Days on Top

March 10th, 2008

There were plenty of new releases to hit the sales chart this week, as well as an older release that returned to the top five. Number one was Beowulf with 902,000 units sold for $17.08 million in revenue in its first week. American Gangster fell nearly 75% to 676,000 units / $11.10 million for the week. However, its two-week totals of 3.31 million units and $55.64 million still makes it the best selling DVD of the year so far. 30 Days of Night placed third with $10.57 million from 519,000 units during its opening week. Barbie Mariposa opened in fourth place with 367,000 units for opening week sales of $5.61 million. Strangely, Ratatouille returned to the charts in fifth place with 284,000 units / $4.25 million for the week for totals of 12.04 million units / $181.25 million.

There were five other new releases to chart this week, but only one reached the top ten. That was Justice League - The New Frontier, which placed tenth with 136,000 units for sales of $2.37 million. The Darjeeling Limited entered the charts in 13th place with 111,000 units and $1.99 million in sales, which is in line with its disappointing theatrical run. 20th place went to Highlander 5 - The Source, which sold 73,000 units during its opening week for $1.37 million. Right behind it was NFL Super Bowl XLII Champions - New York Giants with 72,000 units; however, it had $1.38 million in sales, which puts it ahead on that measure. Finally, Bratz Kidz - Fairy Tales opened in 25th place with 65,000 units and $1.02 million in sales.

More news on the Format War, Blu-ray won the week with 75% of the market share and had the biggest selling with 30 Days of Night, which only placed third overall. The first premiere day-and-date Blu-ray release doesn't come out until next week, so we will have to wait three weeks to see if Blu-ray can earn a knockout punch on the sales chart as it has in studio support, manufacturer support, and retail support.


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