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DVD Rentals - No Rental Better than Old Men

March 23rd, 2008

New releases took the top four spots on the rental chart this week including No Country for Old Men, which earned first place with $10.20 million during its opening week. Bee Movie opened in second place with $9.03 million. This is one spot lower than it opened on the sales chart, but this is common for kids movies. Dan in Real Life and Hitman also opened in reverse order than they did on the sales chart with the former topping the latter $8.38 million to $7.88 million. The only holdover of the week was Into the Wild, which added $7.63 million for for a total of $16.43 million after two weeks, which is almost as much as it made during its entire theatrical run.

Just missing the top five were August Rush with $6.66 million in seventh place and Nancy Drew with $5.37 million in ninth place. Finally, Sleuth opened in 28th place with $1.86 million, which is more than five times what it made theatrically.


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