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DVD Sales - Enchanted has Legendary Opening

March 31st, 2008

New releases had an impressive one-two punch on the DVD sales chart with I Am Legend leading the way over second place Enchanted by 3.56 million to 2.82 million in terms of units and $66.39 million to $44.69 million in terms of dollars. They are not only the top two for the week, they are the top two openings of 2008 so far, and catapult both movies into the top four for the year to date.

Last week's number one film, Bee Movie, fell to third place, but it held on extremely well, down just 31% to 1.27 million units sold giving the film sales of 3.13 million units / $50.96 million in just two weeks. Atonement opened in fourth place with 583,000 units / $9.30 million in sales for the week. Rounding out the top five was No Country for Old Men, which added 569,000 / $9.72 million for a running tally of 1.79 million / $30.88 million after two.

There were only two other new release to chart with The Seeker placing eighth with $5.02 million in sales from 252,000 units. Battlestar Galactica - Season Three landed in 13th place selling 212,000 units for opening week revenue of $8.27 million.

Blu-ray increased its lead in the Format War by taking 88% of sales this week. More importantly, it appears Blu-ray is increasing its share of overall sales when compared to DVD. For instance, 9.8% of unit sales for No Country for Old Men and 12.6% of unit sales for Hitman came from Blu-ray, as compared to 2% to 3% for the average release in 2007. Additionally, it was reported that Blu-ray has sold 3 million units in total so far this year, compared to 6 million it has sold in total before the beginning of the year. This bodes very well for long term growth of the format.


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