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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of June 13, 2008

June 15th, 2008

Not a terribly busy week in terms of new releases, which obviously limits the number of sites on this week's list. Additionally, there's only one site that was even remotely better than average: The Incredible Hulk - Official Site. Fortunately, it is up to the level of a Weekly Website Award winner.

Baghead - Official Site
Mostly just the basics including synopsis, bios, image gallery and trailer. There are offsite links for reviews,, and other site, as well as e-card that you can send. Finally, there's a section of the site for people to upload video clips of them walking around in public with a bag over their head. Not quite enough to really stand out, but fun.

Chris and Don: A Love Story - No Official Site
Nothing to review.

Encounters at the End of the World - Official Site
Just the synopsis, director's bio, image gallery, and schedule. Light, even for a documentary.

The Happening - Official Site
There is not a whole lot here, which is especially disappointing for a film that is opening with a theater count that is close to the saturation level. The site does have the basics, but no real flash and just the bare amount of sound and animation.

The Incredible Hulk - Official Site
The only impressive site on this week's list. It has all of the usual features (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer), as well as plenty of extras. Extras include text based ones like character bios, as well as videos including clips from the movie and a behind-the-featurette that wouldn't be out of place on the DVD. There's even an action game, which is very rare for a website. Add in plenty of sound and a bit of animation and this is easily the best site on this week's list and the winner of the gamma-infused Weekly Website Award.

My Winnipeg - Official Site
Just a single page with the synopsis and information on the film's schedule.

Quid Pro Quo - Official Site
Just a re-direct to the distributor's site. Hardly qualifies as an official site.

To the Limit - No Official Site
No official site for the North American release, but the original can be found here.

Young People F king - Official Site
Warning: This site is not safe for work. However, you probably could have figured that out by the name. As for the content, there's just the synopsis, bios, and trailer.


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