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Weekend Estimates: Get Smart Bumbles to Success

June 22nd, 2008

Get Smart overcame mediocre reviews to record a stronger-than-expected opening over the weekend, according to studio estimates released on Sunday. The spy comedy scored a very respectable $39.2 million weekend, with a per theater average just topping $10,000. That's a significant advance over Steve Carell's last Summer blockbusting effort, Evan Almighty, which opened with $31.2 million this weekend last year. This weekend's other comedy opening, however, was more, err, flaccid.

Love Guru only managed an estimated $14 million over the weekend, for a very disappointing 4th place. One has to look back over a decade to find the last Mike Myers movie to earn less than $15 million on its opening weekend: Austin Powers debuted with $9.5 million in May, 1997. That movie started his superstardom. Love Guru looks like the end of a remarkable run.

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