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DVD Sales - Meet the New Number One

July 15th, 2008

Meet the Browns led all new releases on its way to capturing the number one spot on this week's sales chart. However, its opening week sales of $8.75 million from 474,000 units were not strong to say the least and were behind the $10.64 million in sales generated by Vantage Point. It is important to note that the latter film sold only 407,000 units and only earned more thanks to a higher per unit price. Last week's number one film, 10,000 B.C., fell to third place with just 2563,000 units and $4.99 million in sales for the week for totals of 1.16 million units and $20.52 million. Meanwhile, The Spiderwick Chronicles just missed 1 million units in total after selling 191,000 units. After two weeks of release, the film has sold 936,000 units and generated $16.62 million in revenue. The final film in the top five was Drillbit Taylor with 155,000 units / $2.89 million. It is hard to be enthusiastic about that result.

There were two other new releases to chart this week, the best of which was The Closer - Season 3, which generated $1.02 million in sales from 39,000 units. On the other hand, Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control sold just over 30,000 units, and generated just $453,000 in revenue.

On a side note, Batman Begins returned to the charts in 16th place with 34,000 units sold for sales of $285,000. And this is ahead of next week's numbers for its Blu-ray release.

Speaking of Blu-ray, total sales for the week were down more than 11% to $7.86 million in total sales. That's just 6.1% of total home market sales. However, Blu-ray doesn't have a huge catalogue of older titles and is a lot more susceptible to the fluctuations at the top. And since there are only two big Blu-ray releases this summer, Batman Begins - Blu-ray and Best of Both Worlds - Blu-ray, there's not much chance of massive returns until the fall.


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