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DVD Sales - Gotham Gold

July 23rd, 2008

Gotham Knight landed direct-to-DVD and directly on top of this week's sales chart with revenue of $4.86 million from 230,000 units. There was another new release in second place as Superhero Movie! sold 223,000 units for $4.46 million. Vantage Point again led the way in terms of revenue with $5.03 million, but that came from 197,000 units, which was only enough for third place. The Ruins opened in fourth place with $4.43 million from 189,000 units while Meet the Browns fell from first to fifth adding 150,000 and $2.66 million to its running tally, to reach 625,000 and $11.41 million.

There were several other new releases to chart this week starting with Stop-Loss, which landed in ninth place with 94,000 units sold for opening week sales of $1.60 million. Stargate Atlantis - The Complete Fourth Season opened in 11th place with 89,000 units, but its sales of $2.85 million would have placed it in the top five going by that metric. Fellow TV on DVD release, Monk - Season Six, opened in 20th place with 41,000 units / $1.63 million while Nature Boy Ric Flair - The Definitive Collection sold 29,000 units for $730,000 and 22nd place.

An additional note, Batman Begins climbed into the top 10 with 94,000 units and $599,000, not counting Blu-ray sales.

Speaking of Blu-rays, it was reported that the Blu-ray version of Batman Begins outsold its DVD counterpart by a significant margin over the week. Perhaps by a 2-1 margin. (Exact figures were not given; in fact, contradictory numbers were given with numbers ranging from 90,000 to 190,000 total Blu-ray units being possible.) Overall Blu-ray sales increased more than 7% to $8.42 million, which was 7.1% of total home market sales. This is not the best percentage attained this year, but the 12% of the top 20 unit sales was. That said, unless The Dark Knight helped move hardware, which is unlikely until it reaches the home market, there will likely be a sharp drop-off with next week's numbers.


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