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International Top of the Chart - Hancock Holds Off Batman

July 23rd, 2008

Hancock fell 35% to $45.65 million on 8,506 screens in 71 markets for a total of $257.64 million internationally and $449.18 million worldwide. This is already Will Smith's fourth biggest hit worldwide, and it should have no trouble becoming his fourth $500 million movie as well. This week the film opened in Spain with an outstanding $9.26 million on 575 screens, which was easily enough for first place. It is also doing extremely well in Germany with $4.31 million on 749 screens over the weekend for a total of $30.74 million after three. Likewise, the film earned $4.03 million on 437 screens over the weekend in the U.K., which pushed its total of $41.50 million after three weeks of release. Next up for the film is Japan at the end of August and Italy in the middle of September. By then the film should have reached more than $350 million internationally and perhaps even $600 million worldwide.

The Dark Knight started its international run, but did so in a more limited way playing in 20 markets and on 4,064 screens. However, it nearly matched Hancock over the weekend with $37.51 million, and has $40.66 million including midweek numbers and previews. The film's best market was Australia where it earned $11.50 million on 472 screens over the weekend and $13.72 million in total. This is the by far the biggest opening of the year, and the film has already outgrossed Prince Caspian in the market and will soon be the biggest hit of the year there. It also did extremely well in pulling in $7.05 million on 1,433 screens, which again was the biggest launch of the year, sort of. (Iron Man made more, if you include its midweek numbers.) The film also had the biggest opening weekend of the year in Brazil with $4.3 million on 548 screens, but Crystal Skull made more if one includes midweek numbers / previews. Next up for The Dark Knight is the U.K. and Italy next week, while it has a string of major openings next month.


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