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Limited Releases Stretch to the Moon

August 15th, 2008

There's not a wide selection of new releases this week, but there are a few that are opening in several hundred theaters each. In fact, the semi-wide releases out number the truly limited releases, which includes one Canadian movie. Speaking of Canada, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is expanding into the United States this week in 2 theaters, the Pioneer Theater in New York City, and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in in Los Angeles.

Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer - Reviews
A documentary about singer Anita O'Day, who died shortly after this film was made. For fans of Jazz music, the movie is a must see. And even if you are not a fan of the music before seeing the movie, you likely will be afterward. Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer opens tonight in two theaters, including the Cinema Village in New York City.

Bachna Ae Haseeno - No Reviews
The latest Indian film opening in select cities nationwide. Like most Hindi language films, this one is being releases in a lot of theaters (75 to be exact), but has no reviews, no official site, and no attempt at crossover appeal.

Fly Me To the Moon - Reviews
The latest attempt at reviving the 3-D format. It is unlikely to succeed as most critics are complaining that outside of the 3-D effects, there is nothing worth recommending here. And even the 3-D effects are not enough to lift the movie about its tired, dull script. Additionally, the film is opening in too many theaters for a limited release, but not enough for a national ad campaign. Finally, it is playing second-fiddle to the box office disappointment, Space Chimps, which turned out to be the better movie. Fly Me To the Moon opens tonight in roughly 450 theaters, but it might not reach $1 million during its opening weekend.

The Girl Cut in Two - Reviews
A French thriller starring Ludivine Sagnier as Gabrielle Deneige, a weather girl who is the object of desire of two very different men. The film's reviews are good, but perhaps not good enough to thrive with the more demanding art house crowds. The Girl Cut in Two opens tonight in two theaters, the IFC Center and the Lincoln Plaza, both in New York City.

Henry Poole Is Here - Reviews
A movie that has bounced around a number of releases dates since before settling in mid-August. That's not a good sign, and the reviews back that up. The film has a religious message to deliver, which is great, as movies should have something to say. However, it delivers it in such a ham-fisted, inept way that even the most receptive audience members will be turned off by the film. Henry Poole Is Here opens tonight in more than 500 theaters, but there's little hope it will make an impact.

Tkaronto - Review
A Canadian movie about two Aboriginal thirty-somethings who connect while they are in Toronto, which was originally called Tkaronto by the Mohawk tribe who used to live there. The film has been a hit at a number of Aboriginal-oriented film festivals and now it is starting its tour of Canada with a run in Toronto starting tonight. Sadly, as a Canadian movie, it is not receiving the promotion support it needs to survive, but hopefully it can beat the odds and find an audience.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Reviews
The latest from Woody Allen. This film is earning some of the highest praise for the auteur in a decade and should opening in the top ten, or at least come very close. To reach the top ten the film would only need to make just over $3 million during the weekend, and with an opening theater count of just under 700 that is a goal that is within reach. Given the film's reviews, a per theater average of $5000 shouldn't be difficult to manage, while $6000 or $7000 is not out of the question. Even a lower opening of $4000 could give it a shot at tenth place and perhaps a shot at $10 million when it is done. Vicky Cristina Barcelona opens tonight in just under 700 theaters nationwide, and even if it doesn't do well enough to expand, it should still make enough money to make the studio happy.


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