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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of September 5, 2008

September 6th, 2008

The weekend after Labor Day long weekend is historically one of the weakest weekend of the year. So it comes as no surprise that there are not many sites on this week's list. However, the average quality is excellent with most of limited release sites have more style that you usually find on these sites. That said, there's nothing here that stands out enough to be given the Weekly Website Award.

Bangkok Dangerous - Official Site
All of the usual features are here. Extras include three games (two target practice games and a memory game with a twist). There are also three clips, but they are marked coming soon. On a side note, I have only a .500 batting average trying to get to this site, but I'm not sure if that is an issue on my side or theirs.

Everyone Wants to be Italian - Official Site
The film opened yesterday, and the images are still marked coming soon. Not a good sign. Additionally, the only extra on the site is a blog, but at least there have been regular posts there.

Mister Foe - Official Site
For a limited release, a lot of effort went into the style for this site. It has all of the usual features, as well a several videos clips: 3 for Q&A and 3 interviews. (Sadly, the sound on these are quite a bit lower than the background music, so you have to adjust the sound too often.) There's even a section for deleted scenes, but this part is still marked coming soon. Add in some cool background music, and it is better than most limited release sites. It's better than a lot of wide release sites. If the deleted scenes were there, it would be up to the level of an award winning site, because that is such a unique feature.

Ping Pong Playa - Official Site
All of the usual features with more style than most limited release sites have. However, without additional features, it doesn't stand out.

Save Me - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, as well as an essay on the 'Ex-gay' movement. But there's not polish to be found; it feels very 'independent', and not in a good way.

A Secret - No Official Site
No official site, but you can look at the original one here and check out the release dates here.

Surfer, Dude - Official Site
All of the usual features are here (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer), as well as a few extras. These include audio clips (in the form of mouseovers) and behind-the-scene featurettes. On the other hand, the showtimes section is still marked coming soon, which is a really bad sign. That said, there enough here that it stands out compared to the average limited release and is close to a wide release in terms of quality.


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