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DVD Rentals - Don't Forget About Rentals

October 12th, 2008

New releases did better on the rental chart than they did on the sales chart with six films placing in the top 30, including Iron Man, which topped the charts generating 25% more revenue than a fellow new release, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Sex and the City was pushed back into third place, while Leatherheads and Made of Honor earned nearly identical numbers rounding out the top five.

A pair of direct-to-DVD sequels also did relatively well on the rental charts with Rest Stop: Don't Look Back opening in 15th place and Pulse 2 - Afterlife opening in 17th place. One of the more unlikely entrants in the top 30 was The Rebel in 23rd place, as it is very rare for these types of films to reach the top 30 when going direct-to-DVD here. The final new release to chart was Taxi to the Dark Side, which placed 29th.


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