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DVD Sales - Tink's the Belle of the Sales Chart

November 11th, 2008

New releases were not as strong this week as they were last week, and this hurt overall sales. However, Tinker Bell still did very well, especially for a direct-to-DVD release, selling 1.94 million units and generating $30.73 million in sales during its first week of release. Had the movie opened in theaters, I would suspect it would have been a much bigger hit than Space Chimps and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, probably bigger than those two films combined, and perhaps even earned $100 million or more, depending on its release date.

Second place went to Journey to the Center of the Earth with 972,000 units sold and $17.24 million in revenue. The Incredible Hulk fell from first to third with 459,000 units sold for two-week totals of 2.41 million units and $56.67 million. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull held on better, but was still down 67% to 334,000 units / $6.37 million over the week and 4.38 million units / $97.49 million after three. It is now set to become the third $100 million-selling DVD of the year. Iron Man continues to extend its lead on top of the yearly chart and has now sold 7.49 million units for $139.62 million in revenue, including 201,000 units and $3.39 million this past weekend.

Just missing the top five was Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, which placed second with 186,000 units sold and $3.21 million earned. The next new release was way back in 17th place as The L Word - Season Five sold 46,000 units for $1.66 million in sales. Hell Ride opened in 21st place with 36,000 units / $464,000 while Dead Space - Downfall landed in 24th place with 31,000 units / $459,000.

Blu-ray sales collapsed this week, down 31% to $12.2 million. However, it is important to note that there were no marquee Blu-ray releases this week as all of the new releases that reached the top ten were aimed at kids. Secondly, $12.2 million is the seventh best week on record. As a percentage of overall sales, Blu-ray managed 9.4%, while it grabbed 8% of the top 20 comparison sales. The number one selling Blu-ray this week was Journey to the Center of the Earth with just shy of 100,000 units. Meanwhile, Tinker Bell sold roughly half of that despite selling twice as many DVDs. This makes sense given its target demographic, but it is still disappointing.


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