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Prada is a Tight Fit in First Place

January 7th, 2007

None of half-a-dozen new releases were able to make a big splash on rental charts, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything interesting to report. Every film in the top five was within $540,000 on each other with The Devil Wears Prada claiming top spot with $6.87 million. This was just $40,000 ahead of Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby's $6.83 million. There was a slightly large gap to third place as Little Miss Sunshine added $6.69 million during its second week of release. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest slipped to fourth with $6.60 million while Jackass - Number Two was the only new release in the top five earning $6.33 million.

The Descent was the best of the rest placing eighth with $5.09 while The Black Dahlia came in ninth with $4.43. Just missing 10th place by a rounding error was The Last Kiss with $4.40 million. Haven was well back of the pack with $1.25 million for 38th place, but this was nearly 10 times what it earned theatrically. The final new release to chart was the direct-to-DVD release, Danika, which came in 44th place with $900,000.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was finally knocked into second spot as Jackass - Number Two claimed first place on the sales chart during its opening weekend of release. The Descent opened in third place as it also did better on the sales side on the home market. Step Up slipped a single spot to fourth while Invincible fell from second to fifth.

Only two other new releases charted this week as The Black Dahlia placed 10th and The Last Kiss managed 15th.


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