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International Top Five - Night Starts to Fall

January 18th, 2007

While Night at the Museum saw its weekend haul drop by more than a third this weekend, it still took first place with $20.16 million on 5193 screens in 34 markets for a total of $151.34 million. In Brazil the film earned an estimated $3 million on 502 screens and if that holds up it would be Fox's third biggest opening ever in that market. Other strong markets include $2.71 million on 803 screens in Germany for a total of $17.24 million after three weeks. At this pace the film will have no trouble reaching $200 million, and that's not taking into account markets it has yet to open in, markets including France, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

In second place was The Pursuit Of Happyness with $12.40 million on 1015 screens in just three markets. Granted, all three markets the film opened in were major markets, (the U.K., Italy, and Australia), and in all three the film opened in first place. The largest of these was the U.K. where the film took in $4.97 million on 402 screens while in Italy the movie earned $4.70 million on 391. Finally in Australia it managed $2.73 million on just 222 screens. This week the film opens in Germany, (among other markets), and should do wonderfully as Will Smith has a huge following in that market.

There was a very, very close battle for third place with three films finishing within $100,000 of each other. In fact, fourth and fifth were separated by less than $10,000.

Casino Royale was knocked down a spot to third with $10.22 million on 4121 screens 57 markets for a total of $389.61 million. Its biggest market was Italy where it took in $2.19 million on 399 screens for a $7.44 million total, however, that does represent a troubling 47% drop-off from last week's opening. On the other hand, the film has some amazing legs in the U.K. where it crossed the $100 million mark this week and added another $1.65 million on 301 screens over the weekend. The film now has $104.41 million in that market alone and should top Return of the King's at $107 million to sit in second place there. (Titanic's record of $119 million seems very safe at the moment but perhaps the next bond film will break it.)

Eragon reached a milestone this weekend when it topped $150 million internationally after adding $10.14 million on 1805 screens in 56 markets. The film now has $153.70 million internationally, including South Korea where it made $2.8 million on 302 screens and the Philippines where it earned $529,000 on 118. In both markets the film was battling for first place, but early reports has it just missing the mark in South Korea.

Just a rounding error behind was Rocky Balboa with $10.14 million on 1227 screens in just six markets. The film scored first place knockouts in two of those markets, Spain with $3.40 million on 301 screens and Mexico with $1.58 million, also on 301 screens. However, it also performed very well in Italy earning second place with $3.73 million on 331 screens. The film's next major market is the U.K. this weekend before opening France the following weekend while it doesn't end its international run till April.


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