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Home Market Cranks Out the New Releases

January 20th, 2007

There were plenty of new releases this week, but all but two missed the top 10. However, those two DVDs finished one-two on the charts. Crank topped The Illusionist $6.09 million to $5.59 million. Little Miss Sunshine returned to third place with $4.14 million over the week and now has $25.09 million during its first month of release. The Devil Wears Prada added $4.02 million to its running tally of $35.79 million. Meanwhile, Snakes on a Plane had the best week-to-week drop-off in the top ten down just 18.3% to $4.01 million; this bodes well for the film's future, (not only rentals but sales), and it should add a lot to its $8.93 million total.

The best of the rest of the new releases was The Night Listener but it could only manage 18th place with $2.63 million. Idiocracy came in 22nd but its $2.20 million was nearly 5 times what it earned theatrically and could be the start of a cult run on the home market. Broken Bridges also performed much better on the home market grabbing 25th place with $1.80 million. The (nearly) direct-to-DVD debut of Banditas earned $1.61 million for 30th place while Quinceanera was the last new release with $1.01 million over the week for 41st place.

Crank also took top spot on the DVD sales chart wit 2 million units sold over the first week, an estimate 300,000 ahead of the second place release, The Illusionist. Jackass - Number Two remained in third place just ahead of The Covenant, which fell from first to fourth. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest placed fifth during its sixth week of release making it the oldest film in the top ten.

Broken Bridges was the best of the rest grabbing eighth place, which can most easily be explained with the Fanboy Effect. The Night Listener was just behind in ninth place and the final new release of the week to chart was Banditas in 15th.


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