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Open on Fire on the Home Market

February 10th, 2007

Open Season led a large group of new releases this week, at least on the sales chart. On the rental chart it had to settle for a close second behind The Marine $6.32 million to $6.00 million. Third place went to another new release, Flyboys, which pulled it $5.74 million during its opening week and will have no trouble earning more in rentals than it did theatrically. Of course, even if it earns double or triple it will still not come close to showing a profit. Saw III had the worst week-to-week drop-off in the top five down a steep 26.4% to $5.61 million. On the other hand, fifth place The Guardian was down a mere 7.0% to $4.47 million.

Two Christian movies were the best of the rest with One Night with the King placing 10th with $2.80 million and Facing the Giants was one place behind with $2.58 million. The busted Oscar bait film, Catch a Fire just missed the top 20 with $1.75 million, but that's still a good start given its theatrical run. The direct-to-DVD release, Farce of the Penguins, was two placed lower in 23rd with $1.54 million. And just two places lower than that was the practically direct-to-DVD, Unknown with $1.52 million.

Over on the sales chart, Open Season dominated with roughly three times the sales as number two release, The Marine. The rest of the top five was the same as on the rental charts with newcomer Flyboys ahead of holdovers Saw III and The Guardian.

The only other new releases to chart were Facing the Giants in sixth and One Night with the King in seventh.


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