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Movie Website Updates for February 17 - February 23, 2007

February 23rd, 2007

Big week in terms of flash sites launching, but a tough one when it comes to picking a winner. There were several sites that were contenders, and a few that will likely be winners after a few more updates, but none that stood out as the best for the week. It's almost like there were so many that were so close to winning the award that none were able to stand out and get me excited. However, there was one site that was updated this week that did, The Simpsons Movie - Official Site. This site did get a new look, but the real draw here is the first full trailer, to go along with the three previous teasers. Is that enough to make it award worthy? No. But while my rational side was distracted by a game of Sudoku the Fanboy in me made that decisions, and all Fanboy freak-outs are legally binding. Hopefully the final site will live up to the award. I have a feeling it will.

300 - Official Site
There's a new blog entry on the sound effects.

The Abandoned - Official Site
The American site has just the bare minimum, (and no bios), with some behind-the-scenes webisodes. On the other hand the original site is quite well done. Combined they certainly stand out from the pack, but are not quite enough to be an award-winning site.

After the Wedding - Official Site
Just the basics.

Amazing Grace - Official Site
More information than most sites, but it feels more like an encyclopedia entry for the song and not as promotional site for the movie.

Are We Done Yet? - Official Site
The flash site launched this week and while there's a lot of content already here, even more market coming soon. The bios are marked coming soon, as are three of the five games and there's just two images in the gallery.

The Astronaut Farmer - Official Site
Just the bare minimum with nothing that makes it stand out. In fact, up till last week I figured this was just the teaser site and the flash site was still coming.

Black Sheep - Official Site
The flash site is up this week, and it has everything you need in a site. Synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, trailers, etc. There are also extras like a video clip on casting of the sheep, sheep jokes you can read or submit, and even a very short target practice game. (One shot, it's either you or the sheep.) Very fun site, but a little small to be an award winning site.

Blades of Glory - Official Site
Another flash site that launched this week, but there's not a lot here. There's the synopsis, image gallery, trailer, and the first of two games. In addition to a second game, the cast & crew bios and the production notes are marked coming soon. There is enough sound and animation to stand out, but not enough to be award worthy.

Caffeine - Official Site
There's quite a bit of information here including all of the regular features. Extras include a ton of video clips, (one for each main character), as well as a blog, advice column, and even a British slang quiz, (I scored 8 out of 10, which means I need to watch more BritComs).

Dead Silence - Official Site
Yet another new flash site. This one too as most of the basics, (cast & crew bios and production notes are marked coming soon), as well as some extras. The main extra is a target practice game, which is better than most. There are also some restricted images and trailer, but I can't complete the age verification cause I'm Canadian so I can't review that portion.

Disturbia - Official Site
The flash site launched, but with just the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer, it has less content than some teaser sites. I expect that to change as the release fate nears.

Everything's Gone Green - Official Site
All the usual features are here except the trailer, which is marked coming soon.

Gray Matters - Official Site
Just the basics and a rather active blog.

Grindhouse - Official Site
More parts of the Grindhouse have opened up to explore. New features include some trailers, both the full trailer and a create your own one as well. So far the site is very creative and sells the movie well, but I still am not betting on much mainstream appeal. This looks like one that will be a cult classic.

Hot Fuzz - Official Site
There's another game where you try and guess the cop movie based on the visual clues. Quite tough.

Mr. Bean's Holiday - Official Site
One of what seems like a dozen flash sites to launch this week. This one has all the usual features, (minus the bios), and includes extras in the form of four games, (one of which is still marked coming soon), and clips, (also marked coming soon). There's not much in the way of style so even when those features are added it is unlikely the site will be award-worthy.

Mr. Brooks - Official Site
The trailer is on the site, which is better than the error message you used to see.

Next - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

The Number 23 - Official Site
There's nothing here that makes me want to see this movie. The entire ad campaign has been one of style over substance, and this will surely hurt the film's box office.

Penelope - Official Site
The trailer is online, but not on site. It can be found here.

Premonition - Official Site
Yet another flash site to launch this week. What is this? A conspiracy? All the usual features are here, (synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer). There are also a few extras like a series of seven clips, one for each day of the movie, a personality quiz, and some crap trying to show premonitions are real. I'll accept these phenomenon in a movie, but if they try and tell me it's real, it turns me off. This is such a pet peeve with me that I am less likely to see the movie they are promoting.

The Reaping - Official Site
The site's been redesigned but there's not much here in terms of new content. The cast & crew bios are back, as are the buzzing flies.

Reno 911: Miami - Official Site
There's a lot of clips on this site, and some fun features like Internet 911. I don't know if this site will sell the movie to neophytes, but it should get the fans excited.

Resident Evil: Extinction - Official Site
Just the teaser trailer, and I don't like it. It suffers from the problems that are typical with these, (too much teaser, not enough trailer), but also I think the franchise has run its course and there's nothing in this trailer to make me change my mind.

The Simpsons Movie - Official Site
There's a new design with links to all the international sites, but you have to mouse over to see which is which. Don't worry, it's in alphabetical order, except for the United States which is just under France. There's also a new trailer, the first full trailer. Granted, there is still not a whole lot of details on the plot, but we get a lot better look at the movie. A lot of people who have been fans of the series have been awaiting this movie with enthusiasm and trepidation, the exact percentages of each vary from person to person, mainly based on how many seasons they thought it took the series to jump the shark. (Sometime late in season 10 or earlier in season 11.) And while this trailer won't satisfy all fans, it should go a long way in quelling some fears. So far the site is still just a teaser, but the trailer did get me excited enough to give it the anticipatory Weekly Website Award.

Spider-Man 3 - Official Site
Another video blog entry this week. This time on the design department.

Starter for 10 - Official Site
No real changes in a while.

Underdog - Official Site
Teaser trailer's up, and I'm not liking it. Then again, I don't think I'm in the target audience.

Yesterday Was a Lie - Official Site
Site's dead. I'll check back later to see if it's just a temporary problem. ... It's back.


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