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International Top Five - Spidey Solid on International Scene

May 16th, 2007

Spider-Man 3's performance at the international box office at the weekend was even more dominant than its domestic performance. Over the weekend, the film added $84.27 million on 13,799 screens in 73 markets for a total of $385.43 million, which puts it on pace to become the biggest hit of the franchise by this weekend. Worldwide, the film hit $625.66 million at the end of the weekend, and should also top the previous releases before long. On the all-time charts, the film is now in 24th place and should catch the 23rd place film (Spider-Man 2), and the 22nd place film ( Spider-Man), before long while it could grab a temporary spot in the top ten. Worldwide, it currently ranks 28th with eyes on Attack of the Clones.

Looking at individual markets, Spider-Man 3 saw 50% drop-offs in nearly all major markets, but this was to be expected. U.K. took over as the biggest market of the weekend, adding $11.10 million on 522 screens for a total of $48.39 million. That was the only market where the film cracked $10 million.

Other strong weekend results include:

  • France: $8.2 million on 972 screens over the weekend and $38.3 million in total
  • Mexico: $6.10 million 935 screens for a $23.63 million total
  • South Korea: $6.09 million on 664 screens for a $25.24 million total
  • Japan: $4.93 million on 796 screens for a $36.21 million total
  • Germany: $4.62 million on 857 screens for a $20.32 million total
  • Brazil: $4.5 million on 700 screens for a $15.1 million total
  • Spain: $4.18 million on 760 screens for a $15.98 million total
  • Australia: $3.49 million on 500 screens for a $13.46 million total
  • Italy: $2.98 million on 795 screens for a $18.49 million total
  • Russia: $2.4 million on 560 screens for a $12.8 million total
  • China: $1.9 million on 534 screens for a $13.1 million total
  • India: $2.3 million on 597 screens for a total of $10.4 million
That gives the film an impressive list of 13 markets where it has already cracked $10 million, and it is still earning $1 million weekends in a number of additional markets.

Like last week, there's not much else to report in the top five; however a newcomer did place second. 28 Weeks Later earned the also-ran title with $4.94 million on 826 screens in 11 markets, which is more or less in line with its domestic opening. It comes as no surprise that the film earned the majority of its weekend haul in its native U.K. where it earned $3.12 million on 401 screens, placing second in the process. The film placed third in Australia with $610,000 on 160 screens and had similar openings in Hong Kong ($213,000 on 27), Singapore ($208,000 on 24) and Malaysia ($115,000 on 30).

Wild Hogs settled into third place with $3.50 million on 2,277 screens in 28 markets for a total of $70.51 million. The film's best market was Germany where it was down just 11% to $1.27 million on 583 screens while its total grew to $9.11 million. Meanwhile, the film cracked $10 million in the U.K. midweek and now has $10.88 million in total, including the $629,000 it made on 323 screens this past weekend.

Fracture entered the top five for the first time in its young run with $3.19 million on 831 screens in 9 markets for a total of $9.56 million. Almost all of the film's growth this weekend came from its second place, $2.3 million opening on 307 screens in France while it managed to pick up $281,000 on 43 screens over the weekend in Belgium and $298,000 in total.

Mr. Bean's Holiday just managed to hang on to a spot in the top five with $2.92 million on 2,930 screens in 38 markets for a total of $171.52 million. This is the third-best international total this year with just 300 and Spider-Man 3 ranking higher.


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