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Night Three Weeks Long

May 19th, 2007

It was not a good week for new releases on the DVD rental chart. None were able to take a spot in the top three, and this left Night at the Museum in first place with $7.38 million for the week and $28.01 million during its run. Thanks to a strong hold, Dreamgirls climbed into second place with $5.59 million during the past week for a total of $12.33 after two. Déjà vu slipped to third, but with $5.43 million and a weekly total of $21.09 million, it is still having a solid run. The first of the new releases, Because I Said So, was very close behind with $5.40 million while Music and Lyrics was just as close behind it opening with $5.37 million.

Catch and Release didn't miss the top five by much opening in seventh place with $5.01 million. The next best new release was Breaking and Entering, which placed 18th with $1.99 million. Fur opened in 29th place with $1.13 million while The Pained Veil opened in 34th with $880,000. The final new release to chart was Deliver Us From Evil, which placed very high for a documentary earning $570,000 while placing 46th.

Over on the sales chart, Because I Said So was able to come out on top. Night at the Museum remained in second place while Dreamgirls fell from first to third; however, those two movies, and fourth place Music and Lyrics were all within a couple percent of each other in terms of sales. Rounding out the top five was Catch and Release, which already is shaping up to be a bigger hit on the home market than it was theatrically.

The Pained Veil, which really disappointed on the rental chart, opened in tenth place on the sales chart. The only other new release to chart this week was That 70s Show - The Complete Sixth Season as it earned 16th place.


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