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International Top Five - Spider-Man remains Strong as Shrek debuts in Second

May 23rd, 2007

Spider-Man 3 earned its third, and likely last, first place finish on the international charts scoring $51.07 million on 13,491 screens in 73 markets. Internationally the film has amassed a total of $466.71 million, which places it 17th on the all-time chart while worldwide the film had pulled in $749.09 million and is in 23rd place there. Moving onto individual markets, France was the best bet over the weekend adding $6.5 million at 973, ahead of the U.K.'s $5.3 million on 508 screens, (although the U.K. still leads on the cumulative totals $57.2 million to $46.4 million).

Other million dollar markets include...

  • Japan: $3.76 million on 775 screens for a $43.15 million total
  • Germany: $3.71 million on 880 screens for a $25.44 million total
  • Mexico: $3.00 million on 935 screens for a $30.43 million total
  • Brazil: $2.9 million on 700 screens for a $19.4 million total
  • South Korea: $2.7 million on 604 screens for a $31.4 million total
  • Spain: $2.5 million on 761 screens for a $21.5 million total
  • Australia: $2.23 million on 500 screens for a $16.30 million total
  • Italy: $1.69 million on 725 screens for a $21.20 million total
  • Belgium: $1.11 million on 96 screens for a $4.30 million total
The film is now the highest grossing movie of all time in a number of markets, including Mexico with its aforementioned total of $30.43. The other markets, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, were all smaller markets.

Shrek the Third made its debut over the weekend in a small number of markets before its massive rollout in June. Despite the limited market and screen counts, it was still easily able to grab second place with $14.25 million on 689 screens in 4 markets. It's best opening came in Russia where it set a record with $11.1 million on 600 screens, the biggest ever for a foreign film, while its $1.08 million was the second best opening in the Ukraine and the film had the best debut for an animated film in both the Philippines, ($1 million on 78 screens), and Romania, ($120,000).

Third place went to another new release, Zodiac with $9.23 million on 1430 screens in 17 markets for a very early total of $9.34 million. Its biggest market was France where it pulled in $3.42 million on 376 screens while the U.K. was quite a bit back with $1.62 million on 227. The film also did reasonably well in a trio of other major markets: Australia, ($934,000 on 182); Italy, ($864,000 on 230); and Spain, ($864,000 on 230).

Fracture remained in fourth place with $5.81 million on 1199 screens in 17 markets for a total of $16.70 million. Much of the growth came from Germany where it placed third with $1.23 million on 204 screens while it was down roughly 5% in France added $2.14 million on 309 screens to its total of $4.91 million after two weeks of release.

Next climbed a spot to fifth with $3.79 million on 1322 screens in 21 markets for a total of $21.30 million internationally. Almost all of its growth came from South Korea where it opened with $1.81 million on 164 screens, including midweek numbers.


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