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At World's End Makes $43 Million, or $57 Million, on Opening Day

May 26th, 2007

However you look at it, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End had a rip-roaring opening day. But exactly how rip-roaring depends on how exactly you define "opening day". You might see headline numbers proclaiming a all-time record-breaking $57 million day, but the reality is that At World's End made much of that money at Thursday evening previews.

Here's how the numbers break down:
- Disney estimates $14 million from preview screenings starting at 8pm on Thursday and $3 million from midnight screenings that night.
- We are estimating the movie earned $40 million during the rest of the day on Friday, based on partial reports from theaters and our own surveys.

That gives the movie a $14 million opening day on Thursday, and a $43 million Friday. The latter figure puts it in the top ten single days of all time (see complete list of highest-grossing single days). How Buena Vista will end up reporting their "official" numbers is still something of a guessing game, however. Paramount did separate out Thursday preview screenings for Shrek the Third when they announced the final box office results. Hopefully Buena Vista will take their lead, and provide figures that provide a fair reflection of the performance of the movie.

We'll keep you posted as announcements are made over the weekend.

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