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Movie Website Updates for May 20 - May 26, 2007

May 26th, 2007

Another slow week. If this keeps up I'm going to have to rethink my methodology. Not only were there not as many sites as I would like, there were none that really stood out as award-worthy. The best was Stardust - Official Site, but here I will wait for more of the content to be added before I make a final decision.

Amu - Official Site
All the usual features are here, as well as a few videos. The 24-minute making of video is the better feature of the site, and would make an excellent extras on the DVD.

Angel-A - Official Site
All the usual features are here with the a section on the director as the only extra. Sound and animation are barely adequate, but that seems to be true for 90% of sites I come across.

Bee Movie - Official Site
The third trailer is out, and we finally see some animation. Quite frankly, I'm not that impressed.

Black Sheep - Official Site
There's a new site for the domestic release. However, expect for the release date and possible theater listing, there's no reason to go to the new one instead of the old one.

Bug - Official Site
All of the usual features are here and there's enough style to set the site apart. However, none of it really sold me on the movie.

Cheeni Kum - Official Site
All the usual features are here, with an emphasis on the music, but that's no surprise. There's enough style to not seem boring, but not enough to stand out.

The Dark Knight - Official Site
There's a campaign site for Harvey Dent, but it also has no content at the moment.

Evan Almighty - Official Site
Another game, this one for kids, has been added to the site.

The Game Plan - Official Site
Just a trailer and a game marked coming soon. There were just too many clichés in that trailer for me to handle. Perhaps the movie is better, but it will have to work hard to sell me.

The Golden Door - Official Site
Just the basics, (and some facts on Ellis Island), but there's nothing that really makes is stand out.

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass - Official Site
There's a new look to the site, and the trailer is online as well. I'm not entirely sold on the film, but I am more optimistic.

I Am Reed Fish - Official Site
MySpace. Ick. (Although it does have a cute clip with Alexis Bledel on Letterman.)

I Know Who Killed Me - Official Site
Just the trailer, the rest of the site is hidden behind age verification. The entire site. Arg.

License to Wed - Official Site
The site has a new look and all the regular features, (bios marked coming soon), and the sound and animation are good. However, that's not enough to make it stand out.

A Mighty Heart - Official Site
All the usual information is here, with a heavy emphasis on the real life facts involved. It's a subdued site, but that fits well.

Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills - Official Site
Big update this week as all the usual features were added as well as a couple more extras. The primary one is the Draycott Mansion one can explore to find clues while there's also another video journal entry, this one on the detective's kit Nancy Drew carries with her at all times.

No Reservations - Official Site
There's a new look, but so far there are just the basics, (and even then the crew bios and production notes are marked coming soon).

Paprika - Official Site
Just the basics, but the trailer should be enough to make people want to see this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Official Site
This site has all a site should have, almost. It has all the usual features, (synopsis, bios, images, trailers), it has a good selection of extras, (clips, behind-the-scenes videos, interactive features), as well as a strong sense style with plenty of sound and animation. Perhaps it could have used an action game as well, but that's a minor complaint compared to the overall award-worthiness of the site.

Ratatouille - Official Site
A couple more games were added this week.

Rescue Dawn - Official Site
Just the trailer, but it is effective.

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour - Official Site
Just the very basics, (synopsis, images, trailer), but there's more sound and animation than I was expecting. On a side note, I really wasn't sold by the trailer. It says it's the first in a planned series, but unless the movie is better than the trailer, I can't see that happening.

Sicko - Official Site
There's quick a bit here, but it feels like the site is trying to sell a point of view rather than the movie. ... I think Michael Moore would agree with that. On the other hand, the trailer is there and it is very effective.

Stardust - Official Site
The site was completely redesigned this week and there were a lot of new features added to the site. Most of the usual features are here, (synopsis, images, trailer), as well as extras including character bios, video clips, etc. Given the amount of features still marked coming soon, I have high hopes that this will be an award-worthy site before the film is released.

War - Official Site
New name, new site. So far it's just the trailer, which should sell the movie well to its target audience.


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