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Norbit Forces Home Market on a Diet

June 16th, 2007

Even though new releases were able to take the top two spots on the rental and sales charts this week, it won't be remember fondly for their strength. In fact, Notbit's winning tally of $4.65 million was the lowest weekly total for any number one rental this year and wouldn't have been enough to reach the top five half the time. The Messengers opened in second place with $3.97, but while that was lower than Notbit opened with, it was a better performance compared to the two film's theatrical scores. Apocalypto was pushed to third place, barely, with $3.95 million over the week and $14.83 million after three. Epic Movie added $3.73 million to its total of $13.74 million while Letters from Iwo Jima and Pan's Labyrinth were in a virtual tie for fifth place with $3.30 million and $3.27 million respectively.

No other new releases charted this week.

The sales chart had a much different look, but the top two films were the same, Notbit and The Messengers. However, this time Notbit won win ease selling nearly four time as many units. Hannibal Rising fell to third place just ahead of fourth place Apocalypto. The first of the TV on DVDs releases was Seinfeld - Season 8, which came in fifth place.

The next new release was Fantastic Four - Extended Cut, which placed 11th. 15th place went to Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season while WWE: The Ladder Match placed 17th.


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