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International Top Five - Shrek Steals the Show

June 20th, 2007

Not only did Shrek the Third climb to top spot this weekend, it also crossed $100 million internationally while hitting $400 million worldwide. Over the weekend the film added more than 10 new markets earning $46.64 million on 3564 screens in 32 markets for a total of $108.27 million, double its haul at this point last week. Its biggest new market of the week was France where it earned $12.5 million from 850 screens, 20% more than Shrek 2 opened with. The film was also tops in Mexico with $9.12 million on 418 screens and in Brazil with $5.9 million on 280. That last figure represents a record for animated films and is nearly triple what Shrek 2 opened with. On the other hand, the film fell nearly 50% in Australia to $4.41 million on 476 screens for a total of $16.78 million while its decline was even steeper in South Korea down 69% to $2.7 million over the weekend and $15.2 million in total. That said, it is still tracking for a $500 million international total and $800 million worldwide. On the other hand, poor critical reception and shorter legs suggest the franchise peaked with Shrek 2 and Shrek 4 and Shrek 5 might be pressing the studio's luck.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End fell to second place with $35.31 million on 11,548 screens in 104 markets for a total of $549.38 million. The film has now hit $500 million internationally and $800 million worldwide; it is also the highest grossing film of 2007 in the former category, but will have to wait to surpass Spider-Man 3 in the latter. There's only two markets really worth tracking at the moment, and they are Japan and the U.K. In Japan the film remained in first place with $5.51 million on 786 screens, which was the best single market of the weekend. However, its $60.06 million total there is still behind the $71.84 million brought in in the U.K. That total includes this week's third place, $3.19 million haul on 458 screens and may remain the films biggest single market if it continues its strong hold there.

Ocean's Thirteen was buoyed by several new opening allowing it to finish third with $25.50 million on 4879 screens in 37 markets for a total of $67.69 million. The film opened in first place in both South Korea, ($3.43 million on 241 screens) and Holland, ($1.07 million on 95), but both those figures include previews / midweek figures. The film also opened strong in Australia with $3.37 million on 356 screens, which was the film's biggest opening, if you just count the weekend numbers. Its biggest market overall was the U.K. where it was down just 28% to $4.32 million on 480 screens for a total of $13.92 million. So far the film is not living up to its predecessors, but it is still earning enough to be considered a solid hit.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer started its international run in fourth place, a very close fourth place with $25.19 million on 3292 screens in 32 markets. This includes first place finishes in a number of markets led by the U.K. at $8.18 million on 475 screens while it was able to pull in more than $1 million in Italy, ($2.98 million on 578 screens); Russia, ($1.71 million on 483); and the Philippines ($1.7 million on 332). At this pace, the film should reach, or at least come close to $300 million worldwide, which is a little lower than the original but enough to justify another sequel.

Zodiac remained in the top five, barely, with $3.12 million on 1888 screens in 44 markets for a total of $38.12 million. The film's biggest opened came in Japan but it only managed sixth place there with $655,000 on 235 screens, which suggests it won't last long there.


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